Vision & Motivation

To provide good quality care to manage non-communicable disease to people that currently have limited access. The aim is to align with the community to understand their needs, challenges and apprehensions to cater solutions that are economically and socially relevant to them. Keeping the patient at the center of all thought and work, we aim to achieve high-clinical outcomes along with high- patient satisfaction. 

India is transcending from a largely communicable disease burden to a non-communicable one posing newer challenges to address healthcare. Currently, non-communicable diseases constitute more than 50% of mortality in India. 

However, bulk of the public health system services focus on communicable diseases, reproductive and child health, which are crucial but restricting the ability of these communities to access high quality, organized care for a larger proportion of their healthcare requirements. The private players in most of the rural communities include informal providers and/or mom-pop setups posing concerns on quality and affordability of the services provided. 

A large part of the non-communicable disease burden is preventable with adequate focus on wellbeing, lifestyle habits and awareness, demanding care to move beyond curative interventions. At RITI, we engage with the community to provide medical and non-medical care to enhance overall wellbeing. 

The first initiative of RITI Wellness and Healthcare is to set up RITI Eye-care in Rewari District of Haryana with presence of primary set-ups in smaller villages that connect to the secondary care facility in Rewari town. The motivation is to eliminate needless blindness that continues to perpetuate in rural communities and manage chronic eye-problems that lead to deterioration of social independence of people.